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Allows you to capture data from virtually any download tool or tachograph card and send it automatically to your analysis bureau, central office, data repository, or wherever you need it to be.

Digidown Terminal

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Features

    • Easy to use. Insert your driver card or download tool and the DigidownTerminal does the rest.
    • Easy to set up. Simple menus on a touch screen.
    • Secure. Encrypted communications with HTTPS or FTPS. With the GPRS DigidownTerminal, there's no need to connect to the local network.
    • Connect anywhere. Your choice of wired network (Ethernet), WiFi or GPRS with your own SIM card.
    • Enterprise network ready. Works with most proxy servers.
    • Multi-purpose contactless reader. Use it for your time management, licence confirmation, identification, etc.


    • Minimise hassle. Send your data automatically to your office or your analysis bureau.
    • Help you comply with regulations. Compatible with all EU tachograph regulations. Works with all major analysis software to help keep you compliant.
    • Universal. Works with all tachograph cards and all major tachograph download tools.
    • Support. Made by the leading manufacturer of download tools in the UK.
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